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Palm Springs Aerial Photos

Palm Springs Aerial Photos

Numbers don’t lie. Most reators believe virtual staging, aerial photography, and interior video services from real estate photographers are most likely to win more listings. High quality real estate photography earns realtors more listings. In fact, 72.2% of realtors agree that they will receive more listings when they offer professional real estate photography to their clients.

When realtors recognize the impact of using professionals like Chad Shillady, they are able to earn up to twice as much commission. Sadly, only 35% of real estate professionals have capitalized on this opportunity.

Homebuyers can spend over 100 hours in their homebuying journey. Usage of high-quality real estate photography can retain a buyer’s viewing length to over 20 seconds. In today’s current market, it can be difficult to slow down the scroll, but Chad’s work can do just that. Houses with professional real estate photography images get 61% more views. These same properties can sell even faster, some spending only a few days on the market.

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Things to Consider

Using aerial photography allows real estate professionals to showcase the property listings, whether they are residential or commercial listings. Encompassing aerial views allow for more details to be shared about the property. Consider the following that aerial photography provides:

1. Condition of the roof of the structures in the listing

2. Condition of the roads in the residential neighborhood

3. With commercial listings one can view civic developments or local improvement districts

Properties with aerial photography in the listing are 68% more likely to sell than those without aerial imagery, according to the Multiple Listing Service. Are you a realtor who wants to set yourself apart from the others hustling to win that listing? Partnering with Chad Shillady will allow you to have pristine aerial images to set yourself apart from the crowd. Inclusion of aerial images in all your listings can also serve as a tool to improve your overall branding in your marketing campaign.

Let’s consider your Return on Investment opportunities in usage of professional photography as a part of your brand. You want to move your listings quickly from available to pending to sold. One way to do this is to have more influence over the views of your listings, and the length of viewing as well.

Chad’s high quality photography helps turn views of listings into high sales. Professional images of real estate help sell listings 39% closer to original listing price. Another consideration is that listings which include professional photography such as Chad Shillady’s can achieve a 47% higher offer per square foot.

The National Association of Real Estate Agents reported that 87% of homebuyers on the internet found images to be one of the most useful features of listings websites. This is why viewers are spending 60% of the time viewing images and only 20% of the time reading the description.


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