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Chad has been a professional who remains ahead of the curve. He remains on top of trends each year, and this is part of the reason why he has sought further education and training opportunities.

Chad’s background began in the financial sector of the realty industry where he then acquired his mortgage broker license. As he continued to improve his craft as a photographer, he determined he could best serve his clients if he had an even deeper understanding of the realty industry. For that reason, he completed his certification to become a realtor as well.

Chad’s desire to be the most knowledgeable in his field gives him an unprecedented skill set. He understands the market from the beginning to the end of a buyer and seller’s journey. He knows the desires expressed by everyone in the buying and selling process.

Chad’s creativity as a photographer, while also having the business mindset necessary, allows him to deliver the story that everyone craves through digital imagery. Highlighting the strengths of a property listing by capturing the images that will appeal to the buyer is at the heart of what Chad does every day.

Real estate listings that include at least one video get 400% more inquiries. Marketing gurus echo this statement, and with three out of four marketers sharing videos provide a stronger return on investment than photos alone.

Video Trends

Usage of drone video continues to trend upward, and this trend is felt to be one that will continue. More than 20% of commercial drone shoots are now related to real estate. Drone video allows the buyer to see views of the property they would never be able to see with traditional photography.

More and more millennial buyers are investing time into their real estate purchases to make sure the community offers what they desire. Drone video allows them to see the entire property, the adjacent properties, rooflines, and even if there is access to a nearby park.

Are you uncertain if drone video is a “must have” for your property listing?

Taking a look at Chad’s work can answer a lot of questions, but here are a few more examples of boxes that can be checked with drone video:

  • views of outbuildings
  • proximity to local parks, trails, stores
  • land elevation
  • skyline view

Social Video Statistics

The data shows that sellers are using social media and internet searches to conduct their research for their next agent to list their home. 51% of homebuyers use video as their primary research source. On the flip side, only 10% of recent sellers reported that their real estate agents used video effectively to market their property.

By using Chad’s services with drone video, you get depth and breadth to the visual experience of your property and are assured to have video footage that is not only going to get clicked on for an initial view but will be watched to the end. Not only that, but potential buyers will return to watch it again. High-quality drone videos lead to more engagement on your social media posts. This engagement is going to expand your client base while increasing the quality of your leads.

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