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Palm Springs Professional Photography

When looking for a professional to capture the images for your listing, you may not know how to determine the skills that will help your home’s photos stand out when compared to other listings. Here are some things to consider when choosing your real estate photographer:

  • Ask about equipment. Even when a photographer has a keen eye for angles and lighting, if they don’t have quality equipment, then the resulting images will not stand apart from other listings.
  • Search for a specialty. There are many photographers who say they can take any kind of photo, but would you go to a neurologist if you needed treatment for your heart condition? Chad Shillady’s specialty is real estate photography, and his discerning eye and state-of-the-art equipment consistently yield stellar photos.
  • Look through portfolios. Since you are reading this, you are already taking care of this task. Much of Chad’s work is shown here on this website, but if you’d like to see a specific type of photography he’d be happy to share other images with you.
palm springs professional photography

HD Photography Definition

High-definition photos for social media are the engineers of traffic to your listings. If you are a real estate agent who optimizes all marketing tools available, using Chad Shillady’s HD photos is an optimum resource available to you. The perception of buyers is highly influenced by the quality of your photos in your listing.

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Aerial Giving perspective of lifestyle

The addition of drone photography in the last decade has changed the reality landscape. Capturing the lay of the land for the seller is of utmost importance so the buyer can make an informed decision about one of the largest investments of their life. Drone photography can also assist in educating the buyer about the area surrounding the property and its proximity to desired businesses such as grocery stores and gas stations. Understanding the community’s offerings can help a buyer choose between two highly desired properties and close the sale for the realtor.


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