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Chad has been a professional who remains ahead of the curve. He remains on top of trends each year, and this is part of the reason why he has sought further educational and training opportunities.

Chad’s background began in the financial sector of the realty industry where he then acquired his mortgage broker license. As he continued to improve his craft as a photographer, he determined he could best serve his clients if he had an even deeper understanding of the realty industry. For that reason, he completed his certification to become a realtor as well.

Chad’s desire to be the most knowledgeable in his field gives him an unprecedented skillset. He understands the market from the beginning to the end of a buyer and seller’s journey. He knows the desires expressed by everyone in the buying and selling process.

Chad’s creativity as a photographer, while also having the business mindset necessary, allows him to deliver the story that everyone craves through digital imagery. Highlighting the strengths of a property listing by capturing the images that will appeal to the buyer is at the heart of what Chad does every day.

Real estate listings which include at least one video get 400% more inquiries. Marketing gurus echo this statement, and with three out of four marketers sharing videos provide a stronger return on investment than photos alone.

Video Trends

Usage of drone video continues to trend upward, and this trend is felt to be one that will continue. More than 20% of commercial drone shoots are now related to real estate. Drone video allows the buyer to see views of the property they would never be able to see with traditional photography.

Here are some ways realtors can use videos on social media for marketing.

Be consistent: Once you develop your profile on the social media platform of your choice, be consistent in posting your content. The key is to be top of mind to potential buyers, so they feel that they already know you before they are ready to purchase.

Be yourself: Although it is considered a good idea to check out what the content your competitors are creating, it is not a good strategy to copy their content. Part of distinguishing your content from other realtors is to embody your brand’s personality… YOU! Your clients will want to work with you based on your personality and unique skills. By being yourself, you will develop the Know, Like and Trust factor with your clients.

Be helpful: Don’t always be “selling”. As a realtor, you have so many different things to offer and possess knowledge that buyers would appreciate. Providing valuable content through tips about the buying and selling process can be helpful.

Be empathetic: Although selling real estate is a business to you, it is an emotional-laden process for many buyers and sellers. Maybe your clients are leaving behind the place where they raised their family, or are buying their long-sought after retirement beach house.

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Social Video Statistics

Let’s break it down. As in, talk about the numbers. Millennials continue to be the largest group of homebuyers. Per Agentfire, “Social media was the tool cited as the best source for generating high-quality leads among REALTORS®, followed by multiple listing service (MLS) websites.”

In order to expand your presence in the industry, realtors need to branch out into social media. You don’t have to post multiple times per day on five different platforms. That would be overwhelming. Choose the platform which the largest market share of your clients is utilizing. The key is to have content that is visually interesting, and to share content that is valuable to your target audience.

Another aspect to think about is the device your target clients will be using to access their social media. 81% of older millennials, 80% of younger millennials, and 78% of generation X found their home on a mobile device compared to 68% of Younger Boomers. Make sure to optimize your posts so they will look stunning on tablets and phones.

Now that you are creating content for social media, you can’t skimp on the visuals. Your videos you share should include clean, crisp high-quality images. Your newest latest and greatest Iphone just won’t cut it. Set your posts as shareable, as this will allow even more eyes to view your content. Chad’s clients have found his video to get a lot of “likes” and “shares” on social media. (Possibly insert a testimonial here).

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