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Twilight photos are nothing new in the real estate business. What is new is that realtors and prospective buyers have begun to recognize that the data supporting usage of twilight photos is not a fluke. The website Homejab did an A/B test, where they utilized the same listing but one had twilight photos whereas the second listing did not include twilight photos. The listing which included a twilight setting garnered THREE TIMES the number of clicks!

Many real estate photographers rely on software to create twilight photos from images they shot during daylight hours. These images can look “off” and when compared to an image that is actually shot during twilight and even untrained eyes can recognize the authentic twilight image from the fake one. Since selling a home will be one of your largest business transactions of your life, wouldn’t you choose to go with the authentic twilight images that Chad Shillady will provide?

Some of the value of twilight real estate photography include the ability to truly showcase the exterior of a property, and to show the full scope of the outdoor living areas. Water features, outdoor gathering areas such as fire pits, and patio sets with barbecue equipment can be highlighted. Further, when the lights are on inside the home, the prospective buyer can “see” what their home will look like when they come home after a long day at work. This image will pair an emotional connection that daylight photography is not capable of doing. Think about it, after you have been away from home for a few days and you return at night, but there are lights on inside your home, doesn’t it look inviting? It’s as if your home is saying “welcome back” without ever uttering a word.

Twilight Photos

At the time of this publication, there were 499 active listings in the Palm Springs area. As potential buyers enter their specifications into the search engines, how is your listing going to stand out? Details matter, and in this case adding twilight photos to your listing can be an asset to set apart your property from the large majority of others which only have daylight photos of the exterior. Twilight photos have been proven to elicit feelings of comfort and security, and also will gather more engaged views of your listing.

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